Cooking Fever Unlimited Gems Hack Tool

Today, we present you a Cooking Fever Hack which works with all Android and iOS devices. This Cheat will equip you with unlimited Gems and Coins. As you already know, playing this game without investing real money can be annoying, because you have to wait for energy. Having unlimited amount of Coins can solve that problem, because with them you can buy anything you want and play without waiting.

Cooking Fever Cheats will help you dominate this game. With unlimited amount of Coins and Gems you’ll play this game in its full potential! Your friends will envy you that you are so good in this game. No matter if you have Android or iOS system on your mobile device. Our Cooking Fever Cheats is compatible with both of them! You won’t find a better hacking software for this game. If you found on your way only fake cheats and hacks, then you’ll be glad that you encounter our website. If you didn’t believe that this Hack works than watch a video below and if you do then don’t wait and click on a download button below.

A few words about security now. As you can see on a video, our Cooking Fever contains an Antiban script and Proxy support. If you don’t know what proxy is then we can tell you that this changes your ip address and makes you invisible in the internet. If its not enough, then you should know that Antiban script protects you from getting banned on this game.

Confirmed Working

cooking fever hack

How to Hack Cooking Fever

Tutorial for Cooking Fever Gems Generator

  1. Click on hack button below and proceed to Cooking Fever Hack tool page
  2. Enter your username in Cooking Fever
  3. Insert the amount of gems as desired
  4. Enable proxy support (recommended)
  5. Click Generate Button
  6. Wait for process bar to complete
  7. Complete our Human Verification and Enjoy your Cooking Fever Gems.

cooking fever hack gems

 Cooking Fever Hack Features

  • You can generate Gems and Coins for All Devices (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows) from All Devices
  • Easy to use, our generator can use without downloading any tools, just plug your device and wait for the results. And this is 100% safe and protected.
  • No Money don’t Worry you can get unlimited gems free all the time.
  • In just few clicks you can get unlimited gems
  • Don’t need to root or jailbreak your device, just sit back and relax.
  • We have private proxies algorithm and anti-ban system to ensure this hack is not detected.

Why use our app

With our apps you can go at anytime to add unlimited gems and unlimited coins to your cooking fever account. We add special support to our users so this program get technical assistance which deals with this program. This is really helpful to you for get answer for your question. Our cheats are amazing and cooking fever gamers love it. They said this cheats help them to get better cook, better time, and get customers happy. Our developer has been test this hack separately by the month, to get this cheats successfully work on your device. And don’t forget this cheats is completely safe and 100% free.

Every cooking fever gamers maybe get tired to wait their interior upgrade, and this upgrade may have spend to much your real money. But with our cheats you don’t need to be worried again to spend your money, because our cheats make your cooking fever account get rich than before, you can add unlimited gems any time you want. This cheat don’t need to be installed on your computer, you just need open it from your browser because our cheat is developed to easy to use from your browser. Our cheats is web-based, so you don’t need install anything on your smartphone. Our developer make this cheats 100% safe from virus and malware, because we make this with private proxy for hide your real ip adress from cooking fever server. User interface is easy to use and supported for access from mobile.

This cheats is more powerfull than anything cheats we have found. Because our developer make this cheats for game lovers and we keep this cheats stay up to date so if you get cooking fever update on playstore or appstore our cheats is update too.


About Cooking Fever

This is the time for you to travel the world and make the best dish over the world on cooking fever. Cooking Fever is the best game to teach you about time management with pressure from your customers. And you can train your reflex on under pressure. Cooking fever teach you about prepared your drink and your food from your customers. because this is more important think to prepare your drink and your food. The drink is automatically refiled if you sell it to your customers. If you have extra coins you can upgrade your drink station to make more drink for your costumers. Basically on the first level your drink make one by one on the station drink, and you can upgrade it for two until four drink by the time. The next preparation is about ingredient, on the first level you can make a hamburger, you need prepared for ham, bread, and salad. You can make one hamburger by the time, because you just have one stove on the first. If you have some coins, you can buy any stove to make two hamburger by the time, but don’t forget about tabletop, on the first level you just can serve one portion by the time. You need upgrade this to, so you can safe your hamburger and you don’t need cook again.

The important think again is you can’t leave your ham on stove, because your ham can get overcooked and you cannot use it for make hamburger, so this think can waste your time. And you can lost the customers. And decreased your stars. The first upgrade you need is cola dispenser, burger fry, and hot dog grill pan. This can reduce your time to produced one hamburger and wait cola to pour over. The next trick for time management on cooking fever is don’t collect the money from customers if the customers are too many. If the you don’t collect the money, the next customers can’t take the space. So you can prepared the food again for your next customers.

The next think is upgrade your exterior, the exterior is think can make your customers happy. With decoration up to date, you can get extra customers, you can get extra money, you can get extra time, you can get extra time and you can get extra waiting time. So don’t forget if you have some money on your pocket, you can buy this to upgrade your decoration to the next level. Every level increase you can five until six gems. This gems can exchange for coins, so you can use this to upgrade your decoration or your kitchen.

Every level have a different difficult, on the first level you teach to serve and basic time management, if you can clear this level easily you can turn on the next level. Every level you finished you have more and more customers again. You have more dish to serve to your customers, and maybe some time your customers get angry if you can’t serve them.

Cooking fever is make to teach you about time management and your patient. You just have two hand to serve many customers, on the real world maybe this game teach you about prepared anything to make you get better on your live.


cooking fever hack